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International: Exploring Career Trajectories of Men in the Early Childhood Education and Care Workforce

SIG (Special Interest Group) Gender Balance
We invite to this year's EECERA SIG gender balance meeting this week on Friday, 3th september, 13:00 CEST/MEZ (12:00 am BST). If you want to attend and haven't registered yet, please send a mail to info@siggender.eu and we will send the zoom link to you. Those who have already registered will receive the link soon.
As the last SIG gender balance roundmail was sent out in the summer holidays and might have escaped your attention, we send it again with this mail:

MenTeach E-News - July 2021

MenTeach E-News
July 2021

1) California Legislative effort to hire more men of color as teachers
2) Male Teachers Share Advice for Getting More Men Into the Profession
3) A Black male preschool teacher is rare. He wishes it wasn't
4) Breaking the gender barrier in childcare in New Zealand
5) Male teachers needed at Chinese kindergartens
6) For first time, more women teachers in schools than men in India
7) Sorority Makes $6,000 Donation to University of Virgin Islands With Aim of Attracting More Male Educators to Classrooms

Promising Practices: How a network of male teachers of color expanded leadership opportunities

by Kara Arundel - K-12 Deep Dive
The Compton Male Teachers of Color Network is helping its district strengthen professional problem-solving skills and empower educators.

Tips for recruiting men into early years workforce: 'childcare is not just a woman's job'

By Janet King, Early Years in United Kingdom
Recruitment remains one of the biggest challenges for the sector to solve, and a pressing issue is balancing the gender of the early years workforce, of which just four per cent are men.